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by Austin Barrett

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Vampires Only

Calling all doctors…

Amidst my research, I came across this great discovery - Dr. Hicks of the Mutter Museum discusses medical procedures found throughout Dracula with Kathy Haas, resident vampire-curator for the Rosenbach Museum.

I finally learned what trephination is and got to see my first real 19th century blood transfusion kit.  Call me sick - I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Blood Transfusion Kit

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Are Vampires Real?

An interesting article, although the answer is obvious, “No!”. Contrary to my opinion, I have been contacted by some deluded people who beg to think otherwise and have created this site as evidence:  I have to say, I love working for the Bram Stoker Estate, but I do run the risk of encountering some odd birds on occasion.

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::sobs:: Look! A 1st edition of Dracula for a mere $12,125.00! A far more reasonable price than the $63,000 price tag on another auction!

Yes, I occasionally torture myself by seeing what vintage and antique editions of Dracula are currently on eBay. No, I don’t really know why I do this to myself. But oh! Isn’t it pretty?